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Dear John,
I returned from my holiday yesterday evening and was delighted to see how good the fence looked
when it became light this morning. I’m sorry it was such a nightmare for you.
I look forward to having the crazy paving repaired when the weather improves.
With thanks.
Yours sincerely, Mrs L. (Arnside)


Dear John,
Please find enclosed cheque for your excellent work, as always, on the two Ash trees at Wood End.
I know Guy will be delighted to see the results on his return from France.
With kind regards.
Yours sincerely, Mrs B. (Silverdale)


Dear John,
Thank you very much for another super job. We are very pleased with the result.
Have a good Christmas.
Mrs. W. (Haverbreaks, Lancaster)


Dear Mr. Lawrence,
Thanks for the good work done today, I enclose my cheque in payment.
Later in the year I hope you will be available to come back and help with the reduction of Apple trees.
Please let me know when you think the time is right.
Yours Mrs F. (Bare, Morecambe)


Thanks for doing such a ¬†good job, at a very fair price. We’ll be sure to recommend you to friends if they
need your services.
Fraternally,Mr. C. (Hest Bank)